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  • Jaime Telfeyan, Ph.D., LPC-S, NCC

    Owner/Founder of From Spark to Fire

    I view therapy as a unique and collaborative opportunity for honest observation and exploration. It is a means of creating a deeper connection with your inherent nature as a way to discover how you can find support within yourself, as well as feel supported by others. I believe in meeting you, the client, where you are, and facing the issues presented with an open mind.

    I practice mainly with person-centered approaches that bring attention and mindfulness to what is otherwise overlooked or difficult to address. Psychotherapy takes courage and curiosity to explore vulnerable and often guarded parts of ourselves. The feelings that can lead to self-discovery can be very new and overwhelming and should be held with compassion, safety, acceptance, and understanding. Psychotherapy is a useful tool to increase awareness in a safe, confidential, and open-minded environment. Working together with a therapist can open up space for you to explore underlying dynamics that interfere with creating new and different choices to live a life that feels more authentic and intentional.

    I have a truly unique life that has provided me with not only the collegiate knowledge but vast life experience as well. You name it, I can probably check that box. How do experience and knowledge like that translates into the counseling space? You will find yourself sitting across from someone who truly does empathize and understand you. Someone who has a tangible understanding of how to get you from where you are to where you want to go.

    My journey began in Wisconsin, moved on to graduate school in Mississippi, and in 2005 brought me to Texas. I have worked as the resident therapist to a campus of challenged adults, been the Clinical Director of a psychiatric hospital, and am currently the Executive director of a fantastic local nonprofit you may know of – Capital Area Counseling. I received my Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision and am now following my passion for working with counselors-in-training, and clients, and living my best life! 

    Where will your passion lead you?