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    LPC Supervision

    Congratulations on completing graduate school! You have officially made it to the next step in your licensure process and can now begin launching your professional career as a counselor.

    I am a Board-approved Supervisor by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors and offer clinical supervision to LPC Associates seeking to complete licensure hours required by the state. Supervision is based on the Board’s established guidelines, which are designed to assist Associates in becoming highly competent and ethical practitioners.

    I offer supervision in a combination of both triadic and group sessions. As a supervisor, I provide a positive environment for reflection, learning, and empowerment. I take a flexible approach to supervision and meet you where you are in your training. I want to be a part of your journey and help your next steps not feel quite so overwhelming. I feel that self-care is a priority and will ensure that it is always a foundational part of our sessions. You can expect that some of our time together will be for you to “decompress” and receive validation around the difficulty of working towards licensure and personal reactions to the clinical work.

    Common supervision topics include: addressing any ethical or legal issues, reviewing cases, problem-solving, and assistance with the licensure process. I offer guidance with both the clinical and administrative aspects of launching a private practice as a new therapist. My experiences, in life, as a counselor, and in management roles, equips me to provide a well-rounded supervision experience.

    My hope is that your journey to licensure will be a life-changing experience, professionally and personally. I will be your teacher, consultant, support, cheerleader and so much more! If you believe that we could be a compatible team, please contact me to arrange your consultation to discuss your goals.

    Requirements to start supervision (but not needed at the time of consultation):

    • Resume/CV
    • Passing score from NCE
    • Jurisprudence exam Certificate
    • Supervisory Agreement Form sent to the Texas State Board of Examiners
    • LPC-Intern License received from the state
    • Professional Liability Insurance (Face sheet only)

    My Fees

    I charge a monthly Supervision fee of $400. This is a set rate – no other fees.

    What does my fee cover? GREAT question! 

    This includes 4 hours of scheduled supervision per month (a combination of triadic and group). We will meet weekly but you are not limited to just those times. You will have my personal cell phone number as well so that you are able to reach out with any questions you may have between supervision sessions and in case of any emergencies.

    I will provide you with space to see clients in person thru March 2024 (I may be moving offices) if you would like to. If not, virtual is also a great way to see clients and log hours. Here are your options for gathering clients with From Spark to Fire:

    1. Clients given to you by me via my marketing are coming in at a rate of $100 to $120+ per session.
    2. Clients given to you by me via my contracts are coming in via a sliding scale program I set up that is $67 per session.
    3. The clients that you bring in via your legwork will be charged a rate agreed upon between you and me.

    *These fees are YOURS – not mine – I do not charge you a fee/percentage/etc of your session rates. My fee is stated above.

    My own clinical supervision was offered at a reasonable rate and I am committed to passing the tradition on. Should we agree to work together, you can count on a meaningful and transparent relationship that is professional, ethical, and relevant.