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    Therapy – Myths vs. Facts

    Myth: All Therapist are the same.

    Fact: Therapist are all unique. They have many different therapeutic orientations and techniques. They are not one size fits all.

    Myth: I can fix it myself, without a Therapist.

    Fact: A Therapist is an expert in their field, just like a doctor, a mechanic, or a stylist. Yes, you can change a tire on your own, but what about a transmission or an engine?

    Myth: Therapy is only for “rich people”.

    Fact: Many agencies, practices, and new associates offer affordable fees and sliding scales. Try to search.

    Myth: Therapy doesn’t work.

    Fact: Therapy TAKES work. You get out of it what you put in to it.

    Myth: Therapy is only for “crazy” or “weak” people.

    Fact: Therapy is self-care and its for EVERYONE. It is one of most wonderful gifts you can give yourself.

    Myth: Its all about medication and diagnoses.

    Fact: Most therapists do not prescribe medications, and they are not there to analyze and diagnose you. Diagnosis is very specific and is often an insurance issue. Therapy is a collaboration WITH you and is a very relational experience.