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    Trent Hepting, LPC Associate

    If you find yourself struggling with emotions, relationships, anxiety, or day-to-day living know that you are not alone in the fight: I am here for you. You deserve to know that someone cares about you, and I am that someone.  I offer a non-judgmental space for self-exploration, empowerment, and growth. The journey may be terrifying and undoubtedly challenging, but you are not alone. Together, we will explore what it means to be you and confront the roadblocks to living a fulfilling life.

    I will honor you as a person by reflecting on how you got to this point and reinforcing that there is nothing wrong with you – you are exactly who you needed to be to survive. I provide opportunities to learn new skills, challenge yourself, and most importantly transition from survival mode into a brave new world.

    My approach to therapy incorporates creativity, humor, and safety in navigating the complexities of who you are as a person. If you are looking to process, strategize, or confront the challenges of life, please contact me via email, phone, or text to set up a free consultation.