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  • Andrea Rose, MA, LPC Associate

    Therapy can be intimidating for a lot of people- confessing your innermost thoughts to a stranger? No thank you! That’s why I emphasize going at your speed. You know yourself better than anyone, especially better than me. I want us to get to know one another and take things slow if that’s what you need. Our sessions need to be a safe space so we can explore various cycles, dynamics, and behaviors that you may be looking to change. We’re both here for you in my counseling room and you’ve taken a huge step for yourself already by looking up therapists!

    I have a foundation of person-centered therapy, also called Rogerian, which means I meet you where you are and help to shed light on situations where you may be at a loss. I combine this with Psychodynamic theory which supports the idea that how we live today is a reflection of growing up, when we learned how to interact with the world around us. While I don’t primarily focus on the past, I believe it is necessary to learn where our thoughts and behaviors stem from in order to transform them to produce a more desirable lifestyle. I often address safety- physical, mental, and emotional- and self-care; I think these provide an important basis for being able to explore the areas of our life that we may not like so much and to make the necessary changes.

    While I am just starting out in this world of being licensed, I have experience in many different areas of mental health, both from my personal life and my professional work. After graduating from a small university in Illinois, I worked for two years as an addiction counselor. From there I enrolled in grad school and moved to working in a private practice! When I moved back to Texas I began working with a non-profit agency here in Austin (Capital Area Counseling) where I met my now-supervisor, Jaime! I’ve since graduated and have become licensed. These professional experiences have taught me how to take my passions about mental health and empathy for others and channel them into tangible tools and techniques my clients can use in order to take steps towards their desired lifestyle.

    You’re here reading about all of us therapists- a spark. If you’re ready to start a fire in yourself, contact us so we can help!